Meet The Inventor - Liz Jaggers

Liz Jaggers has always been an animal and wildlife lover and grew up with a horse and pony, dogs, and as many as 6 cats at one time. She studied Environmental Communication at The Ohio State University and graduated with an MS in Natural Resources Management. After a 20-year diverse professional career Liz has re-focused on her passion for cats and wildlife and is working to create a product that benefits both. Her own indoor-only cats’ desire to be outside and their rather insistent reminders led her to build an outside habitat using a dog kennel and scrap wood. Her cats entered it through a pet door installed in a window. It was an unsightly contraption, but the cats loved napping in it and watching the birds and squirrels. When she found the feathers of a Carolina Wren in her living-room, she added screen to keep such a tragedy from happening again, which also protected the cats from mosquitos. She researched the market for a more permanent and attractive solution finding products that required handy-man skills, and didn’t offer the protection of the screen. The idea for Cat-A-Maze began to take hold, and she decided to create an affordable, configurable and attractive product that would be easy to put together and be safer for cats and wildlife.